PDEng Industrial Engineering (IE)

Industry has to deal with increasing complexity in the manufacturing and distribution networks of goods and services as well as rapid changes in products, services and technologies. Advanced logistics systems are key for achieving high performance in costs, speed, flexibility and reliability under such conditions. The PDEng program Industrial Engineering responds to this challenge by offering a two-year post-Master Industrial Engineering (IE) program that involves on-the-job training in design, testing and implementation. This post-Master program cooperates with companies that are extremely ambitious in the area of logistics and supply chain performance. 

In its School of Industrial Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology more than 60 researchers, about halve of them Phd students, work to find innovative solutions for complex logistics problems. They closely cooperate with leading industries in fields like retail, process industry, capital goods industry, and transportation and warehousing.

As a trainee of the Industrial Engineering program you will be trained to use these tools and techniques to design and implement innovative logistics solutions for leading companies in the Industrial Engineering company network, giving your career a kick-start.


The designer program Industrial Engineering is a 2-year program that enables young people who already have obtained a master degree in Industrial Engineering, or in a related field, to develop the skills and attitude needed to identify and realize innovations in logistic systems that enhance its performance to reduce its costs. The term 'logistic system' refers to the structure, management and control of operational processes in fields such as manufactury, supply chains, production, service, distribution and transportation.

Interaction with industry is KEY

Interaction with industry is basic to the program. About one quarter of the program is used for developing technical skills for design in logistics; three quarter of the program consists of activities performed in an industrial setting, such as small scale design assignments, a logistic quick scan, and the logistic design project of 10 months. The program for each trainee is specifically designed in accordance with the trainee's background, the subfield of logistics chosen, and the industrial firm were the design project will be carried out.

CCTO Certification

This program is recognized as a PDEng program by the CCTO, the Dutch certification institute for technological designer programs.