Agenda vanaf 26 februari 2018

( Agenda vanaf 26 februari 2018 tot 3 mei 2018 )
  1. Lecture and workshop: Startup Project Management and Agile Leadership

    Lecture and workshop: Startup Project Management and Agile Leadership

    14:00 | 17:30

    As a startup, you need to recognize opportunities and overcome challenges at a rapid pace while keeping your mind on the game to achieve your ultimate objective. This startup focus training will increase your knowledge and skills by diving into the basics of managing a project, the steps involved in the process and the approach of an agile thinker and doer.



    18:00 | 22:00

    We offer teams the opportunity to meet the large companies who jointly drive the HighTechXL programs. The event is aimed to enlarge your visibility, expand your network and get business advice on the go.

  3. Science café: De quantumcomputer

    Science café: De quantumcomputer

    20:00 | 22:15

    Vergroot je begrip over deze revolutionaire computer van de toekomst: quantumtechnologie met ongekende rekenkracht, die ons leven ingrijpend gaat veranderen.

  4. Boekbespreking: Getting things done

    Boekbespreking: Getting things done

    12:00 | 13:30

    Getting Things Done is de ultieme methode om productiever te zijn. Het stelt je in staat om snel informatie te filteren en wat relevant is onder te brengen in een extern 100 procent betrouwbaar systeem.

  5. Bliksem & Donderdag

    Bliksem & Donderdag

    19:30 | 22:00

    Bliksem en Donderdag ‘a Thursday enlightening event’ gaat om inspiratie, interactie, connectie en acceleratie. Op dit podium krijgen makers, denkers, doeners en dromers de kans hun ideeën te delen, testen en versnellen.

  6. Challenge: The Next Big Thing for KPN

    Challenge: The Next Big Thing for KPN

    11:30 | 17:00

    Join entrepreneurs, students, corporate experts, KPN and HighTechXL teams to shape the future of KPN, the largest ICT company in the Netherlands. The goal is to join smart, connected and secure hardware with AI, Blockchain and Data challenges to create The Next Big Thing for KPN. Or maybe we create something altogether different. Anything goes in this ideation hackathon!

  7. Boekbespreking: Blue ocean strategy

    Boekbespreking: Blue ocean strategy

    12:00 | 13:30

    Companies have long engaged in head-to-head competition in search of sustained, profitable growth. They have fought for competitive advantage, battled over market share, and struggled for differentiation.

  8. PatentMatch 2018

    PatentMatch 2018

    10:00 | 17:00

    Het evenement is één grote ontmoetingsplaats waar innovatoren en uitvinders in contact komen met deskundigen die hun concepten verder kunnen brengen.

  9. Boekbespreking: The power of habit

    Boekbespreking: The power of habit

    12:00 | 13:30

    In The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg takes us to the thrilling edge of scientific discoveries that explain why habits exist and how they can be changed.