TU/e innovation Space, the next level of hands-on education

Profession-based education, active learning, cooperation and creativity. All well established characteristics of design-based learning and the hands-on approach to education at TU/e. However, if we want to reach the next level of hands-on education, we need to continue innovating our education. How?
By expanding interdisciplinary education. And through further integration of theory and practice.

Learning through collaboration

Student teams have demonstrated to be exemplary in how they take responsibility for their learning. In interdisciplinary teams, they work with passion on open challenges with a competitive edge. They learn to think at systems level, collaborate with companies, experiment with users, and show entrepreneurial behavior.

By doing this, they further develop their professional skills. Learn to apply their disciplinary skills in context. And also deepen their disciplinary knowledge. We at TU/e embrace these attitudes. And through TU/e innovation Space we want to facilitate this approach to learning for all students.

Meet other bright minds

TU/e innovation Space is a community and a central place where students and researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds meet and collaborate. A place where students create innovations that address real-world challenges. Together with a network of companies and institutes in the region and beyond.

Engineers for the future

It’s a place where you can launch your idea. Where you can meet other bright minds. And where the university can show what they’ve got. We help in developing an educational eco-system to deliver the best engineers. The ‘Engineers for the future’.

Our ambition

TU/e innovation Space has three commitments:
1. We want to inspire staff and students and attract prospective students, by organizing events, lectures and workshops.
2. We want to support students in interdisciplinary engineering projects in creating prototypes together with staff and companies.
3. We want to support the realization of these prototypes into products and services for society, creating new businesses and valorizing research at the university.

Facilitate collaboration and interaction

We facilitate connections by offering a physical place, but also a digital platform, where we show an overview of running projects and participating teams.The events we organize in our community and the exposed prototypes serve as a source of inspiration for all visitors.

TU/e innovation Space is not…

  • An incubator for spin-offs and start-ups with dedicated closed-off rooms
  • A building dedicated solely to student teams such as Momentum
  • A school, institute or mini-Department
  • Offering room for mono-disciplinary education, thereby solving space problem of Departments
  • Any form of replacement or competition for existing Departments, but meant to be complementary.