We offer

TU/e innovation Space will be a service provider for the Departments. A platform where staff can develop hands-on interdisciplinary education. Thereby, it contributes to the education of knowledge and skills of new generations of engineers. 

• An inspiring learning environment

We offer an inspiring learning environment for both curricular and extracurricular courses, focusing on engineering design and entrepreneurship. TU/e innovation Space stimulates students to work on science-based solutions for real world challenges. How? By offering a societal and industrial learning context and a platform where different stakeholders interact.

• A network and community of potential partners

We provide a thriving community, facilities, support, networks, advice to make the most of an idea. All by removing unnecessary barriers and hurdles that delay its development. In this way we create room for collaboration with companies, both multinational and SME's (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises). With TU/e innovation Space you become part of a network of potential partners to ally with for joint business purposes.

• Dedicated facilities supporting design processes

The physical building offers dedicated space for the different activities related to the design processes employed in engineering:

  • Exploring, analyzing and developing new ideas through research and discussion in the early phases of the design process
  • Conceiving, designing, implementing and operating design solutions through prototyping, from early stage sketches to fully-fledged demonstrators
  • Visualize and present results in all stages of the design process.