Looking for a team of students dedicated to your project?

Student teams have demonstrated to be exemplary in how they take responsibility for their learning. In interdisciplinary teams, they work with passion on open challenges with a competitive edge.

Dedicated team of students

Imagine what an entire team of students, dedicated to your project, supervised by scientists and working independently, could do for you. TU/e innovation Space makes this possible. How? By providing single weekend hackathons, quick, intensive student projects or all-year, full-time project teams. 

Strengthen your company’s R&D capabilities

TU/e innovation Space is equipped with a wide range of high-end machinery and licenses to strengthen your company’s R&D capabilities. Are you looking for an initial study? Or do you want to build a fully functional working prototype?

Highly motivated students

TU/e students are highly motivated to work on real-world challenges as part of the interdisciplinary courses and projects offered at TU/e innovation Space. In addition, getting to know the students who work on your project is a great way to find and recruit young talent.

Interested in funding or sponsoring a project? 
Please contact us to find out what we can do for you.