How to create innovative solutions for real world challenges

As a student at TU/e you want to develop yourself in order to build the career you desire. Future employers demand skills such as creative thinking, problem solving and the ability to collaborate in interdisciplinary teams. However theoretical knowledge alone is not sufficient anymore. TU/e innovation Space brings theory to life and enables you to acquire these necessary skills Engineers for the future need to possess.

Interdisciplinary projects with societal impact

Work on exciting interdisciplinary engineering projects with societal impact. Help companies and researchers to solve real-world challenges. And unleash your talents to build innovative solutions. We offer selected interdisciplinary projects in TU/e innovation Space. Why? To stimulate design thinking, entrepreneurship and creativity.

Built prototypes, gain practical experience and skills

We offer selected teams and entrepreneurs a thriving community, facilities, support and network. In this way you can make the most of every idea. Removing the unnecessary barriers and hurdles that delay its development. As a result, you build a prototype you can be proud of. And in the process you also gain practical experience, skills and connections that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Develop yourself as Engineer for the future

TU/e innovation Space aims to shape the Engineers for the future. We will host ambitious and entrepreneurial students that want to work on further developing their ideas. Or who are in search of interesting interdisciplinary engineering projects.