Ephi Design

"We do not design for the client, we design with the client for the end-user!"

EPHI is a product design and engineering firm focused on flexibility, high quality prototyping and new product development. We are able to help you to take the next step in product design, may it be from idea to prototype or from an existing product to a newer version. We are a talented and knowledgeable team with clients over the world ranging from a lighting firm, industrial automation and internet of things products.

EPHI offers her clients solutions in 3D CAD, Electronics, Mechanics, Mechatronics and arrange production of their products to ensure time management and quality between design and production.

Project: The Solly System

Teach children about science in an active, fun and modern way. With the Solly Educational Kit, children will explore, examine and create in real life and online. The kit has a contemporary theme, sustainable energy, with which it teaches children about science in primary school. EPHI has helped Solly with the design, engineering and production of her products. In the close collaboration we also helped with the business development, logistics and marketing value of the whole product. The Solly has been designed for manufacturing in small batches, the way it has been designed keeps the costs low and adaptations in the product will have little impact in the production process.