Info about education in innoSpace

TU/e innovation Space is a community that facilitates and supports interdisciplinary hands-on education, engineering design and entrepreneurship. In Matrix, we provide facilities and support to innovate challenge based education. innovation Space is not just an education area with well equipped workshops, it is the hotspot for interdisciplinary and challenge based education at TU/e. An overview of the courses taking place at TU/e innovation Space is provided in the TU/e Education Guide

TU/e innovation space offers

Lecture rooms and flexible meeting and work spaces, for students and lecturers to use during courses. 

Technical facilities & support to work hands-on. 

  • The Light assembly (MA 1.260) is a flexible space where students can work in teams on their designs and prototypes. Also, it is a space for presentations, exhibitions and other education events. There is also space available for the storage of prototypes and materials. 
  • The Heavy assembly (MA 1.100) is equipped for 3D printing, developing and testing electronics and PCB’s, and has dedicated area’s for project assembly or prototype testing. 
  • In the Prototyping Workshops (dusty, greasy & clean, ground floor), students can find machines and technical assistance to work with wood, iron and other materials. 
  • At the service desk (first floor) you can borrow tools for small prototyping and it is the place to be for students for questions regarding innovation Space resources. 
  • Huub and Edwin, technical coordinators at innovation Space, will provide advice and technical support for making your prototype. 

Workshops & Events 

As an addition to the courses and projects hosted by TU/e innovation Space we offer: 

  • innoApproach workshops for students, to broaden knowledge in relation to interdisciplinary project work. For an overview of the innoApproach workshops this quartile, see the schedule on the next page or check the education guide. 
  • Springplank offers support to further develop a student project after a course. These networking events, POP ‘n PITCH (week 2) and Deep Dive (week 7), take place each quartile and are specially designed for those students that are considering becoming a student team or a start-up or join an existing project team. Check Facebook for updates on Springplank events. 
  • Next to the education activities, many community events are hosted in TU/e innovation Space, for and by the community. All events can be found in our Facebook page. 


To support challenge-based education, TU/e innovation Space can offer challenges for students to work on. 

Contact details

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