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AEGEE is a network of European students which is present all over Europe and brings people from all different cultures together.

About us

Do you like travelling, going on adventures and making friends all throughout Europe? If this is the case, then you and AEGEE are a perfect match! AEGEE-Eindhoven is the European student association of Eindhoven. Being part of AEGEE-Eindhoven means that you are part of one of the biggest European student associations, AEGEE, which consists of over 13.000 students in 150 cities all over Europe.

AEGEE-Eindhoven organises multiple trips around Europe to explore the (student) culture in other cities with students that actually live there. We have traveled to all outskirts of Europe, from Tenerife to Tbilisi. And the best part is that it’s all on a student budget!

At AEGEE-Eindhoven we organise all kinds of activities for our members. Ranging from active adventures to social activities, such as: beer pong tournaments, movie nights, scavenger hunts across the city and the most amazing parties.

We also strive for personal development, advocating student needs and getting the most out of your student life. Develop your skills in one of our many local committees, or become on a European level within AEGEE-Europe; AEGEE-Europe wants to create spaces for dialogue and learning opportunities and strengthens mutual understanding between young people across Europe. Within the network we organise countless events, workshops, and skills sessions you can take part in, which can take place everywhere in Europe.

Discover your student life with AEGEE all over Europe!


AEGEE-Eindhoven organises many trips every year throughout all of Europe. From small weekend trips to Zagreb and Alicante, to a big trip to the Canary Islands. We do it all!


If you want to develop yourself personally, we have plenty of committees with which you can get involved in our association, like cooking meals with our Cooking Committee or organising activities with our Local Activities Committee and managing our PR via our PR Committee.


AEGEE-Eindhoven also has loads of activities together with the other AEGEE-associations in the Netherlands: dinner with AEGEE-Amsterdam, cantus with AEGEE-Groningen, social drink with AEGEE-Utrecht? Nothing is too crazy!

European Network

AEGEE is present in around 140 cities all over Europe, from Tenerife all the way to Joensuu in Finland and Baku in Azerbaijan. With AEGEE-Eindhoven, you get to discover these and more and make new friends along the way, with a lot of opportunities for personal development.

Summer Universities

Every year between June and October AEGEE associations around Europe organise about 70 Summer Universities throughout Europe. These Summer Universities are (travelling) holidays packed with amazing activities, where AEGEE members show you their culture and provide you with a great opportunity to make new friends!


  • 21 mei
    30 jun

    <insert Interesting Title here>

    This starts on my birthday in Nicaragua. I was not, in fact, born in Nicaragua, but it sounds fun I guess. Hope whoever attending is having…

  • 01 jun
    30 jun

    Activiteiten agenda van Martin

    Deze maand verzorgen we tours door het Atlas-gebouw, zodat u zelf kunt zien hoe hard onze medewerkers aan het werk zijn voor u!

  • 08 jun
    09 jun

    Dutch Technology Festival

    8 juni 2023 9:00 / Klokgebouw, Strijp S Eindhoven

  • 09 jun
    3 april 2023
    The people's aspect of energy transition in buildings: data, digital tools, behaviour

    EIRES Lunch lecture

    12h00-13h00 with Ioulia Ossokina & Theo Arentze

  • 09 jun
    Statistical Monitoring Procedures for High-Purity Manufacturing Processes

    PhD defense Caterina Rizzo

    9 juni 2023 / TU/e Campus

  • 09 jun
    Restorative value of the urban greenscape

    PhD defense Robert Paul van Dongen

    9 juni 2023 / TU/e Campus

  • 12 jun
    16 jun

    TU/e Green Week 2023

    12 juni 2023 / Various buildings around campus

  • 13 jun

    Meet the student teams

    Want to do more than just studying? Join a student team and put theory into practice, develop your (soft) skills and work on innovations!

  • 13 jun
    Class Association Rule Models for Predicting Transportation Mode Choice

    PhD defense Jiajia Zhang

    13 juni 2023 / TU/e Campus

  • 13 jun
    Stabilization of 14-3-3 protein-protein interactions

    PhD defense Bente Aminhan Somsen

    13 juni 2023 / TU/e Campus

  • 13 jun
    Towards Plasma Charging Visualization

    PhD defense Mohammad Hasani

    13 juni 2023 / TU/e Campus

  • 13 jun

    Transformative Research for Sustainability

    13 juni 2023 10:45 / Filmzaal de Zwarte Doos

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