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Business Core Eindhoven

Business Core Eindhoven stimulates contact between companies and students by organising lunch lectures, business cases, a symposium and more.

About us

Business Core Eindhoven is trying to bridge the gap between students and companies. Contact is stimulated by several activities, such as lunch lectures, business cases and a symposium. This allows students and enterprises to improve their relationship. Once a year, our biggest event: The Eindhovens Student Symposium is organised at an impressive location; for example the Philips Stadion. This day is divided in four different parts:

  1. Multiple interesting lectures given by inspiring speakers.
  2. Several workshops given by companies which consist out of interactive activities.
  3. Networking drink for getting in contact with specific companies.
  4. An exclusive recruitment dinner for advanced students and recruiters.

Do you as a student want to increase your network and get in contact with interesting companies? Then contact us via or subscribe to one of our events.
You can find us on our website, Facebook: @BusinessCoreEindhoven, Instagram: business.core.eindhoven and LinkedIn or you can subscribe to our newsletter


  • 21 mei
    30 jun

    <insert Interesting Title here>

    This starts on my birthday in Nicaragua. I was not, in fact, born in Nicaragua, but it sounds fun I guess. Hope whoever attending is having…

  • 01 jun
    30 jun

    Activiteiten agenda van Martin

    Deze maand verzorgen we tours door het Atlas-gebouw, zodat u zelf kunt zien hoe hard onze medewerkers aan het werk zijn voor u!

  • 05 jun

    Brain-inspired computing Workshop

    New computing technologies inspired by the brain promise fundamentally different ways to process information with extreme energy efficiency…

  • 05 jun

    The Gate | Walk-in hours

    5 juni 2023 9:00 / The Gate - Alpha Hub, 2nd floor - Eeuwsel 57 Eindh

  • 06 jun
    Acceptance and use of autonomous vehicles

    PhD defense Zhihui Tian

    6 juni 2023 / TU/e Campus

  • 06 jun
    An Independent Timing Analysis for Credit-Based Shaping in Ethernet TSN

    PhD defense Jingyue Cao

    6 juni 2023 / TU/e Campus

  • 06 jun

    TU/e Honors Academy Demo day

    6 juni 2023 15:00 / Blauwe zaal, Auditorium & ground floor, Atlas

  • 06 jun
    Ni-catalyzed CO2 hydrogenation

    PhD defense Jérôme François Marie Simons

    6 juni 2023 / TU/e Campus

  • 07 jun

    The Korean Wave

    7 juni 2023 12:40 / Blauwe Zaal, Auditorium

  • 07 jun
    Multi-scale modelling of multi-phase interfaces in multi-phase steels

    PhD defense Lei Liu

    7 juni 2023 / TU/e Campus

  • 07 jun
    Statistical Arbitrage Trading on Electricity Markets Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

    PhD defense Sumeyra Demir

    7 juni 2023 / TU/e Campus

  • 07 jun
    ICAI Day

    ICAI DAY – Catapulting Change: Fueling Businesses with AI

    This edition focuses on the technical aspect of how AI can be used for this challenge. We will show multiple insights from AI experts, and…

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