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Making a good start is half the battle. Your career does not happen upon graduation, your career is happening right now! Are you not entirely sure what you have to offer? Are you not sure yet what you want job wise? Are you looking for support at creating your CV, cover letter or LinkedIn profile? For these matters and more get in touch with the TU/e Career Academy.

We offer: 

  • Career workshops and activities
  • Individual career coaching
  • CV, cover letter and LinkedIn checks


Start your career now before you leave the TU/e

The TU/e sees it as her task to guide students in different career paths as a scientist, designer, entrepreneur, manager or teacher. The TU/e Career Academy supports students in awareness and development of what kind of an engineer they want to be. Therefore, for all TU/e students, career-coaching, -workshops and -trainings is available. With the optimal preparation as an engineer of the future you got the ticket to fortune.

We offer:

  • Career workshops and activities
  •  Individual career coaching
  • CV, cover letter and LinkedIn check

To accommodate for all these different ambitions and approaches, we are lucky to have a wide range of skill- and career activities to choose from. To make it easier for you to broaden your horizon, the career organizations at the TU/e joined forces in the My Future collective. Career Academy is part of this collective.

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