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The Honors Study Association Confluente is the study association of the Honors Academy at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

About us

H.S.A. Confluente was founded in 2016 to build a sense of community amongst the Honors Academy students of Eindhoven University of Technology. Confluente since has grown to be a living community devoted to building a social network of the best Eindhoven has to offer and to offer her members many an opportunity to broaden their horizons.

Through various fun activities, ranging from drinks through game nights to wine tasting, we strive to allow all our members to bond, while through educational activities and workshops we give them opportunities to learn even more. We also offer our members exposure to potential employers through activities with companies. All these aspects come together in an annual study trip organized by our members.

The Honors Academy

Of course, being part of Confluente means you are an Honors student. Our students are solving major societal and scientific questions and challenges in the Honors Tracks. Our community is also the birthplace of many student teams and startups!

Besides these projects, there is a focus on your personal development in both the Bachelor and Master program. The Master program gives you the opportunity to explore and enhance your personal leadership skills in a professional context.

Career development

During your time as Honors student, you will get in touch with many opportunities. You can improve their soft skills in the projects and committees, you will receive training and workshops from companies, and you will learn to look beyond your faculty.  Diversity, both in education and background, is a great asset and Confluente embraces that fact fully, involving members from all faculties and many nationalities.

Study trips

Each year, study trips will be organized by honors students for honors students. Our trips are based on three parts, namely the Academic, Business and Cultural parts. Academic in the sense that other universities are visited, and our students get in touch with students of these universities. The second aspect, Business, will be fulfilled by visiting multiple companies. The Cultural aspect consists of visiting important cultural heritages and getting in touch with the locals.

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