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Student Association Salaam

“Salaam” started as a workgroup with the goal of establishing a prayer room at the TU/e campus. After that we (the founders) decided to from an association to form an academic Islamic community and represent the Muslim students in Eindhoven. The goals are set, our ambitions are high, and we ask Allah to keep our intentions honest and pure for Him alone, and to aid us in building a community that will serve Muslim students in our city for generations to come..

About us

SA Salaam is a student association whose main goal is to connect non-Muslim and Muslim students with the Islamic religion. One of the core values we hold dear to our heart is assisting students excel in their studies, work and extracurricular activities while also supporting them in development of their religious identity. Furthermore, we strive that our members work on personal growth and increase their network. However, our focus does not only lie in connecting students from single facilities but encapsulates cooperation between educational, religious and other institutes over the whole country.

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