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Team Energy realizes events to accelerate the transition towards sustainable energy. We aim to inform, inspire and connect students.

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Team Energy is about creating awareness about the energy transition with our main focus being connecting people to get as many people as possible involved.

Our team tries to fulfill this goal by giving guest lectures at primary and middle schools, by organizing lunch lectures and case nights in collaboration with stakeholders in the energy sector, and by organizing Energy NOW a congress which brings together students, companies, and many more people and organizations that have to do with the energy transition. 

Energy Now | May 15, 2023

Energy Now is a congress directly related to the current energy transition.

Our goal is to inspire, interest, and connect students, professionals and companies to take elegant action in the transition towards sustainable energy. This event creates a bright perspective on the energy transition by focusing on the opportunities it creates in the present rather than in the future. Promising innovations and developments in the field of energy are highlighted from the perspectives of research, academics, companies and entrepreneurs.

The event strengthens the connection between students, business people and researchers to learn from each other.

This years theme is: The move towards energy independence.

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