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VV Tamar

VV Tamar is a volleyball association.

About us

Playing volleyball and having a good time, that is what V.V. Tamar is all about. We consider ourselves a small association, where you get to know everyone rapidly. The association is growing every year but remains very sociable.

Tamar distinguishes itself from other volleyball associations by participating in a volleyball league on weekdays, so its members have their weekends entirely free. Ideal for students, whether you have a side job, want to study, visit home or enjoy Friday’s nightlife. Tamar has five women’s teams, five men’s teams and a mix team playing in leagues ranging from major league for men and transition class for women till beginners.

Besides the training sessions and matches, Tamar organizes activities year-round for ‘Tamarians’ to socialize and bond. Some examples are the annual 4v4 tournament, the TOP weekend and a beach volleyball competition at the end of the year. Tamar likes to involve its members and values bonds between teams and therefore has many committees where you can put your skills to use, get to know your fellow Tamarians and have a great time.


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    Annemiek van den End
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    Student sports center
    Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat 1
    5612 AW Eindhoven
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    Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat 1

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