Werken bij Biomedische Technologie

Onze medewerkers leiden Bachelor- en Masterstudenten op in (bio)medical engineering en participeren in toonaangevende nationale en internationale onderzoeksprogramma’s. Heb jij hart voor wetenschap en technologie? En wil jij een bijdrage leveren aan het verbeteren van de kwaliteit van leven? Vervul je ambitie, bekijk onze vacatures en kies voor een van onze uitdagingen.

Highlight | We are looking for vision & ambition!

The Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) of the TU/e is expanding with a focus on translational BME research and is therefore looking for multiple, ambitious scientists.

We offer 5 full-time (tenure-track) positions for candidates on Assistant Professor and/or Associate Professor level, who would like to take on the challenge of setting up their own research line in the fields of:

Health & Data

In most medical and biomedical experiments large amounts of data are produced. In this position you will focus on developing and applying computational techniques to analyze and interpreted this data in the (bio) medical context. The preferred research background should be in the combination of computational methods and biomedical engineering.
Questions related to this position can be directed to: prof.dr. P.A.J. Hilbers
Phone: +31 40 2475537 and/or email

Organoid Mechanobiology

Research in cardiovascular regenerative medicine is becoming more inspired by mechanically driven tissue and organ morphogenesis. In this position, you will focus on the mechanical factors that drive tissue and organ development, with special emphasis on in-vitro organogenesis. The ideal candidate should have a background in biomedical or mechanical engineering with a strong track record in cardiovascular regeneration.
Questions related to this position can be directed to: prof.dr. C.V.C. Bouten
Phone: +31 40 2473006 and/or email

Chemical Biology

In this position we are looking for a chemical biologist who addresses contemporary biomedical challenges via innovative molecular approaches. The existing chemical biology faculty has a broad background including organic chemistry and drug discovery, protein engineering and molecular sensors, polymer chemistry and drug delivery, bionanotechnology and structural biology. Similarly we are considering excellent candidates from diverse background both in terms of scientific approach and questions.
Questions related to this position can be directed to: prof.dr.ir. L. Brunsveld
Phone: +31 40 2472870 and/or email

Molecular Biosensing

In this position you are expected to push the frontiers of biosensing with a bottom-up biophysical approach. The preferred research background should be in (a) the design of molecules and molecular structures and (b) studies of their functional properties with single-molecule resolution. The focus of this position is to develop novel concepts for recognition and transduction for real-time monitoring of molecules and molecular processes in complex macromolecular environments.
Questions related to this position can be directed to: prof.dr.ir M.W.J Prins
Phone: +31 40 2474018 and/or email

Computational Cardiovascular Biomechanics

Clinical decision support for cardiovascular diseases increasingly relies on patient specific computational models that predict outcome of clinical intervention. To advance our current research, this position will focus on the development, verification, clinical implementation, and final validation of these models in cooperation with our clinical partners. Candidates with experience in hemodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, fluid structure interaction, patient specific modelling, image based modelling, uncertainty quantification, are kindly invited to apply.
Questions related to this position: prof.dr.ir. F.N. van de Vosse
Phone: +31 40 2474060 and/or email