In this section the courses provided by the Cardiovascular Biomechanics group are listed. We provide courses and projects in the bachelor's as well as the master's curriculum.


We offer the following courses in the curriculum of the Bachelor's program Biomedical Engineering and Medical Sciences and Technology, as well as the curriculum of the Master's program Biomedical Engineering and Medical Engineering.

Bachelor's courses

  • 8VB00: Transport physics
  • 8VB10: Measurements and modeling in the clinic
  • 8QA03: DBL Mechanics of a blood vessel
  • 8VB20: Model based cardiovascular pathophysiology
  • 8Z036:  BME Science Class
  • 8VB40: Sytems in time and space
  • 8QB14/8QB05: DBL Heart and Body
  • 8VC00: Advanced imaging techniques
  • 8P340: Project Biomechanics

Master's courses

  • 8VM00: Cardiovascular fluid mechanics
  • 8VM10: Pathofysiology of the cardiovascular system
  • 8VM20: Cardiac Modeling
  • 8VM40: Cardiovascular fluid-structure interaction
  • 8VM30: Vascular mechanics
  • 8VM50: Thermodynamics
  • 8VM60: Ultrasound

Please find the course information and details on Osiris 


Since there are always a sufficient number of subject for students to work on, it is best to contact any of the staff members to learn about the possibilities in that specific research area.

Research project

During a Master's research project the student is required to work on a research subject for one entire academic year. Since our group has many research areas, these subjects can be very different, but they are always linked to one of the current research areas. Students of the Master's program Medical Engineering always do their research project (partly) in a hospital.

More information on possible master projects can be obtained from any of the staff members. Check our research areas to learn more about our research.