Bachelor’s students study choice check

Have you been admitted to a TU/e Bachelor's program?

You will be contacted by the Department of your TU/e Bachelor's program from mid May and asked to complete a questionnaire regarding your choice of study.

Selection Bachelors
Please note that if you have been admitted to one of the four selection bachelor’s programs (Biomedical Engineering / Medical Sciences and Technology, Computer Science & Engineering, Industrial Design and Industrial Engineering), you have already completed the student study choice check and do not have to repeat this!

What is the study choice check?
A well-considered choice of study and a good understanding of the skills you may need to develop during your studies increase the probability of academic success.The check is mandatory for all students (Dutch and International) except for students who are starting one of the 4 selection Bachelor programs.

The program for which you have applied and been admitted will contact you mid May to invite you to complete an online questionnaire. Based on the answers you supply, you will receive advice on your choice of study.

This advice is two-fold: it provides insight into our assessment of your motivation and certainty of your choice of study and it also mentions skills that may be developed and in which the program can support you.

The outcome of the study choice check is not binding and does not influence your admission to the program. Irrespective of the outcome you will be able to start your TU/e program, provided you meet the formal admission requirements (mentioned in your formal admission email).
Therefore, consider the study choice check as a useful way to prepare yourself for starting your Bachelor's program at TU/e.

What do you need to do?

Just wait for an invitation by email from the TU/e Department of your Bachelor’s program. The email will be sent to all admitted Bachelor students from mid May onwards. The emails will contain a link to the online questionnaire and full information on what to do.

In the meantime, carry on with making the other practical arrangements mentioned on the Practical Information webpages.