Vestide offers accommodation in shared, semi-private accommodation (private bathroom or private kitchen) or private accommodation on the TU/e campus and in the city of Eindhoven. All accommodations are fully furnished.

The rental price is ‘all in’ and includes:

  • gas
  • water
  • electricity
  • internet
  • council taxes and other levies
  • maintenance
  • administration costs
  • safety appliances
  • inspection service
  • partial insurance.

Rental prices vary from approx. €400 to €650 per month.

When you rent accommodation with shared facilities, you should note that in the Netherlands, it is common for boys and girls to live together in a student house. There is no separate accommodation for boys or girls.

All Bachelor's and Master's students renting with Vestide receive a rental agreement without an end date. You may stay in your accommodation for as long as you are a student at TU/e. You are free to cancel your rental agreement with a notice period of one month. You will be able to choose and book your accommodation via the website of Vestide.

When you are allotted housing with Vestide, you will receive an e-mail from Vestide in June/July with booking instructions.