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Arentze, prof.dr. T.A.
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Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
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Faculteit Bouwkunde
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Urban Systems & Real Estate
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Hoogleraar (HGL)
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VRT 8.28
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040-247 2283
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  • D65000 - Planologie
  • D14400 - Bouwkunde, civiele techniek



Theo Arentze is full professor of Real Estate and Urban Systems and chair of the Real Estate Management and Development group in the department of the Built Environment of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Short bio

Theo received a master degree in psychology at the Groningen University with a specialization in cognitive psychology and artificial intelligence. After completion of his master study he moved to Eindhoven University where he received a PhD in the Urban Planning group in the department of the Built Environment. In the same group he continued first as an Assistant Professor and next as an Associate Professor. In august 2015, he moved to the Real Estate Management and Development group in the same department where he now holds a chair.

Theo has published over 200 articles in international peer reviewed journals (as first and co-author) in the areas of transportation, urban planning, geography, marketing and consumer research. He is member of the editorial board of several international peer-reviewed journals and acts as an ad-hoc reviewer and program committee member for many journals, conferences and research foundations.

Research interests

His research focuses on the analysis and modeling of spatial choice behavior of users in the built environment and application of the models for large-scale simulation and decision support. A general aim of his research is to increase behavior realism of spatial choice models by incorporating bounded rationality. He has made contributions in the areas of decision support systems, activity-based modelling, discrete choice modelling, agent-based modelling, human cognition/learning, social network modeling and personal information systems.

Currently, his research focus is extended to study urban development and support decision processes from the perspectives of real estate management and development. Hereby, the goal is to explain urban systems as well as to develop decision support systems for real-estate management and development.

Some key publications

Arentze, T.A., B.G.C. Dellaert, C.G. Corus (2015) Incorporating Mental Representations in Discrete Choice Models of Travel Behavior: Modeling Approach and Empirical Application. Transportation Science, 49, 577 – 590.

Arentze, T.A. (2015) Individuals’ Social Preferences in Joint Activity Location Choice: A Negotiation Model and Empirical Evidence. Transport Geography, To appear.

Arentze, T.A., M. Kowald, K.W. Axhausen (2013) An agent-based random-utility-maximization model to generate social networks with transitivity in geographic space. Social Networks, 35, 451-459.

Arentze, T.A. and H.J.P. Timmermans (2009), A Need-Based Model of Multi-Day, Multi-Person Activity Generation, Transportation Research B, 43, 251-265.

Arentze, T.A. and H.J.P. Timmermans (2008), Social Networks, Social Interactions and Activity-Travel Behavior: A Framework for Micro-Simulation, Environment and Planning B, 35, 1012-1027.

Arentze, T.A., and H.J.P. Timmermans (2006), Modeling agglomeration forces in urban dynamics: a multi-agent system approach, International Journal of Urban Sciences, 7, 1-13.

Arentze, T.A., H.J.P. Timmermans (2004) A Multi-State Supernetwork Approach To Modeling Multi-Activity, Multi-Modal Trip Chains, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 18, 631-651.

Arentze, T.A., H.J.P. Timmermans (2004) A Learning-Based Transportation Oriented Simulation System, Transportation Research B, 38, 613 - 633.

Arentze, T., A. Borgers, R. DelMistro and H. Timmermans (2003) Transport Stated Choice Responses: Effects of Task Complexity, Presentation Format and Literacy. Transport Research E, 39, 229 - 244.