About ISBE

The Information Systems in the Built Environment (ISBE) Group is responsible for research and education in the field of information systems that are used for the engineering and management of the built environment, and that are integrated and embedded in the built environment. The group consists of 6 scientific staff members and 10-15 PhDs. The background from the staff members ranges from architecture, engineering, computational science to social science.

The main topics in research and education are energy neutral cities, urban management and building information management, with a special focus on smart cities.

The ISBE group distinguishes itself from other information systems groups being embedded in a department of the Built Environment. The group’s focus is not so much on the computational aspects of ICT, but on its application and implementation in the built environment. Therefore ISBE develops new ICT methods and techniques within the context of building sciences and urban sciences. The ISBE group is internationally recognized for bridging the gap between ICT and the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry.

Members of the Information Systems group are active in international organisations as CAAD Futures, eCAADe, and CIB W78. The group has organized and hosted CIB-W78 2015, EG-ICE workshops, CAAD Futures 2001, DRN 2005, 2000, and 1995, DEN 1997, eCAADe 1993.

Together with the Urban Planning group we are involved in running the DDSS bi-annual conference series since 1992.

The ISBE group (then DS) has merged with the CMUD group which hosted the knowledge platform KENWIB for many years.