About the unit AUDE

The research program Living Cities is managed by the unit Architectural Urban Design and Engineering (AUDE), one of the four units in the Department of the Built Environment of the Eindhoven University of Technology and the core unit engaged in spatial, cultural and tectonic aspects of our built environment.
The Living Cities program is organized around chairs – you will find the names of the people involved following the ‘staff’ - button in the left column.

1. Architectural Design and Engineering (ADE) - this chair covers the core of the architectural profession: analyzing programs for buildings, developing concepts, investigating tectonic solutions, evaluating constructions and materials. The former chair of Building Technology is incorporated in ADE.

2. Architectural History and Theory (AHT) – the historians and theorists of Vertigo focus on historical reflection, on architecture as a basic act of culture by mobilizing relevant theoretical concepts that may inspire the production of architecture.

3. Urbanism and Urban Architecture (UUA) – the emphasis of this chair is on shaping specific urban phenomena by means of either adding, removing or transforming buildings, researching architecture in a context of morphological density.
Urban Design and Planning.

4. Rational Architecture (RA) – the chair of Rational Architecture focuses on a cultural tradition of architecture that builds on the idea of ‘type’ as the constant carrier of architectural design. The search for variations of this constant, in order to respond to contemporary building questions and conditions, defines the working field of the chair.

Christian Rapp
Chairman Unit AUDE