Study centre De Zonnehof exposed

Exhibition of second year studio work in De Zonnehof Amersfoort until 8 January 2018

A selection of 16 design projects of TU/Eindhoven students shows proposals to intervene in the existing Zonnehof. Adding a programme of a study centre De Zonnehof in, under, above, through, behind, in front of, next to or opposite the existing building De Zonnehof has resulted in a wide range of ideas. 

Whereas one student uses the public space for the intervention, another sees the challenge of the complex functional programme. The attitude towards De Zonnehof as an icon can lead to a humble design, even being absent by only leaving a footprint in the ground as a contra mould.

 The plans question De Zonnehof and its surroundings; the students strive to raise a discussion about how to deal with De Zonnehof in the future. 

- Sabine Thode

The plan shows an embracing circular spiral around De Zonnehof which creates an in between space. The accessible roof gives the public space back to the location.  

 ir.John Swagten, ADE. TU/Eindhoven