A public building for refugees

Designing public buildings for refugees

Tutors: Prof. Ir. Juliette Bekkering - Arch. AvB Sjef van Hoof
In collaboration with:
Prof. Ir Michiel Riedijk (TU Delft)
Ir. Eefje Hendriks (TU Eindhoven)
Ir. Rick Krosenbrink (KMA, TU Delft)
Spring semester 2016-2017

'Designing public buildings for refugees Assignment: With this graduation studio we aim to develop designs and prototypes of community and public buildings that support self-development within refugee-camps around the world. At this moment in history we are confronted with the highest number of displaced persons ever, due to war and conflicts, drought or flooding caused by climate change.

We aim to develop designs and prototypes of public buildings that can empower the life of displaced persons. Although refugee-camps are envisioned to provide short-term accommodation, the reality shows that people tend to stay here for years. The permanency of these camps asks for long term solutions with not only housing but adequate community facilities to empower personal socio-economical development and enforcement of communities, as an important mean of creating an environment of hope and dignity In order to develop a prototype of a so-called "Public Building for refugees", the use of state-of-the-art knowledge on integral building concepts, climate adapted buildings, full energy self-sufficiency, building technology will be studied thoroughly and coinciding building methods that primarily focus on the use of local materials and adoptability of the method and execution by the inhabitants of the camps.

Within the studio there will be worked on individual proposals and on the development of prototypes. A selection of prototypes will built on scale one to one at the Military Training Site in Vught by the cadets of the corps of Military Engineers. The research and designs will be assembled into a catalogue and a website.

The graduation studio is endorsed by a 4TU-Lighthouse grant, and is a collaboration of the chair of ADE (Architectural Design and Engineering) TU Eindhoven and the chair of Public Building of the TU Delft. The chairs are represented by Juliette Bekkering (TU Eindhoven) and Michiel Riedijk (TU Delft)