Summerschools are an excellent opportunity to obtain international experience during your study. The unit AUDE offers participation in summerschools several times a year, credited with 5ECTS as a free elective course within the curriculum of MSc ABP. 

While summerschools can cover a broad variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary subjects, they all involve the collaboration with other, high-ranking educational institutes Architecture and Urban Design which -with their students and teachers- co-participate and supervise the activities during the entire time of the course. Therefore, summer schools generally take place abroad.

The relatively short, but concentrated work intensity summerschools require is of great benefit to the experience of emerging professionals. Organized as design workshops and/or seminars you generally work together in small (mixed) groups, thereby getting acquainted with a different cultural and academic background of their peers. In effect, you will broaden your horizon and learn to critically reflect on already known, but also on new methods of research and design, and use them in a creative way. You learn to communicate and collaborate efficiently and successfully with peers, which greatly contributes to the experience of emerging young professionals. 

Summerschools are offered by different chairs of AUDE at different times of the year. Some may be singular occasions, some are organized each year. For example, the chair of Rational Architecture offers two yearly summerschools: the Springacademy in Dortmund which takes place mid-March (10 days) and the Summeracademy in Venice which takes place mid-September (14 days). The number of students is limited to 10-15 (early registration is recommended!). Both summerschools are organized as international workshops, accompanied with lectures and excursions. Participating also are students and teaching staff from Technical University of Dortmund, University of Applied Science Potsdam and Polytechnic University of Turin. In Venice, the University of Venice is participating as well. Each year the summerschools have a very particular theme and subject matter, which can be fictive (as in the case of Venice) or linked to an actual design problem (as in the case of Dortmund), yet always inviting analytical thinking and creative experiment within the design proposals. 

Summerschools may also be offered by other chairs of AUDE on an occasional or regular basis. Information on currently planned summerschools can be obtained with Dipl.-Ing. Haike Apelt (

Summerschool 2016

Summerschool Venice 2017