The Chair of Urbanism and Urban Architecture focuses on the formation and transformation of the city and its architecture. We believe that buildings, cities and regions matter to people’s lives, well-planned cities help communities prosper and flourish, and therefore city planners can make a difference. We investigate how dimensions of urban morphology, townscape, and programming shape and reshape each other reciprocally. We explore how global forces, structures and agents build, manage, plan, govern and shape cities. We research which urban theories, strategies and concepts are developed to deal in an organized and planned way with the grand challenges of society, economy, technology, ecology and politics. We inquire about the ways these discourses and practices are able to translate these global challenges and trends in local, contextual interventions, building in an evolutionary way on the existing local capital both spatially, socially as well as in terms of governance. To achieve this, we study the city and its architecture by combining theories and methodologies from the fields of morphogenesis, urban studies as well as innovation and transition studies.

Rethinking the challenges facing the urbanizing world today, the Chair brings together an exciting setting for interaction between architecture, cultural heritage planning and urban planning and design. Working in collaboration with colleagues across TU Eindhoven, other universities, the municipality, and the region, the UUA engages actively in the advancement of interdisciplinary research. The members of the Chair firmly believe that it is our responsibility to develop an intense yet engaging program that introduces the complexity of contemporary sustainable development issues.

The UUA research and educational program combines an urban, architectural and social dimension, aimed at the construction of a sustainable and emancipatory future. In order to plan for better cities we need solutions that envision new forms of collaborations, organizational structures and new urban futures.

Through the work and education of the UUA, we strive to connect tradition and knowledge, innovation and imagination.