Colour and Architecture in Modern Times

The focus of this study is the changing interaction of colour and form in the history of architectural theory and design. It aims at deeper insight and explanations for these historical shifts.

PhD Candidate: Martijn A.H. Schlatmann MSc
Supervisor: prof.dr. B.J.F. Colenbrander
Project Financing: Sikkens Foundation
Chair: AHT
Project Period: jan 2012 - dec 2015

The subject of this research is colour in architectural history. Colour is approached as the aesthetic expression of the material surface of a building, and in this sense, the subject is a relevant theme to both architectural theory and design practice. This is reflected in history: ever since the beginning of the nineteenth century, colour has been involved in major architectural paradigm shifts either explicitly or implicitly. As existing investigations in architectural history tend to concentrate on (historic or thematic) details, this study aims at an overview in order to understand and explain these historical shifts.

The ambition of this research is deeper insight, through an integrated study of simultaneous developments in three neigbouring topics: a series of relevant cases, corresponding architectural theory, and science and philosophy. With the examination of historical buildings is tested how theory interacts with design practice.