Protocol PhD applications

All foreign PhD candidates wishing to apply to a PhD research in our group should carefully read the following information.

In Holland the system of PhD research is different from that in most countries. Candidates apply to research-proposals that are written by the professors and which fit in a specific research-programme. Once at work PhD researchers are part of the university staff and get paid to do their research on a full-time basis. The contract is valid for four years maximum.

If there are no positions available another route might be followed, leading to a research position that guarantees full-time availability to do research, but funded by government or other grants. Most countries have a system of grants for students getting their PhD in other countries. Such grants should include all expenses in the Netherlands, including insurances and fees (depending on the type of research). The candidate is fully responsible for his or her grant. The University will only support the application in a late stage and under the conditions that the research proposal has been approved by the responsible professors, i.e., that it relates to our research-programme. A typical research takes 4 years of full-time work from start till the defence of the dissertation. After one year we will evaluate the process and decide whether the project will be continued or not. What to do?

  1. Be sure that you are eligible for a PhD position, i.e., fluent in English, spoken and written, and minimum of a Master level in architecture, urban design or architectural theory and history.
  2. Find out about grants in your own country and whether you are eligible for them if doing a PhD in the Netherlands. Minimum salary should be about € 1200 per month, covering all expenses. Next to that a fee of approxiamtely € 5000 annually is obligatory for the expenses we make on your behalf (PC-use, office space, contact hours, conference visits etc.)
  3. Contact the AUDE secretary for further information.
  4. If the proposal seems to relate to our programme further steps will be taken to elaborate the research proposal. A personal interview (at the costs of the candidate) follows before the final stage of the process is started (Visa application, letter of acceptance etc.).