Smart Society Academy

Summer School

For students who want to shape the future of cities and look for an inspiring experience for next year’s summer break (August 2018) we organize the Smart Society Academy’s Summer School.

This summer school is intended for master students from all disciplines and nationalities. Fueled by expert knowledge and in close cooperation with local stakeholders, students will work in teams on current urban challenges and develop their own smart city solutions.

Concept and challenge

The Summer School facilitates completely new ways of thinking regarding future urban life. The participants are therefore challenged to come up with revolutionary ideas, develop the ideas into concepts and deliver a viable solution in just one week. The process will be driven by the input of local stakeholders and accompanied by experts from the Morgenstadt Initiative to boost hands-on learning and outcomes that have the potential to revolutionize urban life.

Interested? Keep an eye on the screens in your department for further information on Summer School 2018. If you want to have an idea about the contents of the Summer School, then check the 'Interesting Links'.