Research Programme

The Brainport region can make a huge difference through technology with a human focus and by collaboration in the quadruple helix. Programmes have been initiated at a number of levels (European, national, regional) to support the sustainable growth of cities. These provide significant opportunities to further strengthen the regions position in Smart City innovation.

The challenge lies in the development of an underlying, multidisciplinary research programme that generates the required knowledge to face the challenges of contemporary cities. Then we can create solutions that make a real impact on the lives of large numbers of people.

The TU/e Smart Cities Programme focusses on 6 research lines:

Three application areas are identified where cities face serious challenges in the transition of becoming a smart city. Disruptive technologies that come available will fundamentally change the way we live, work, move or recreate in cities. The coming years city life will be reshaped in the areas of:

Two cross-cutting drivers of change are major influences on the application areas. Data plays a vital role in the transition towards a Smart City. And to really become a Smart Society, we need to put citizens at centre stage and to truly empower people:

Key for success is an enabling process driver to facilitate sustainable innovation by actively involving people in the ecosystem to jointly create and learn and setting the conditions for the creation of new business and the replication of good practices. For success, processes should be enabled in: