Department Board

The department Board is appointed by the Executive Board of TU/e and consists of a dean, 1 or 2 vice-dean(s) and a managing director. The board manages all aspects of the department’s business. The dean leads and represents the department. He/she is responsible for all aspects of the department’s operations, including strategy, finance, appointments of assistant professors, proposals for appointments of associate and professors, education (together with the director of education), staff and quality assurance.

Department council

The Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Departmental Council is the employee and student participation body for the department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at the Eindhoven University of Technology. The council comprises five students and five university employees.

The Departmental Council is charged with keeping a critical eye on the department's day-to-day business. It can make proposals to the Departmental Board and can adopt standpoints. It has the same powers as the university council but its remit extends only to matters that affect the department.

Science Committee

The Science Committee advises on all strategic issues related to the departmental research program in the broadest sense. This includes the profiles of new scientific staff members.

Education institute

The Education Institute organises the courses. The director of the Education Institute is John van der Schaaf. The Education Institute is responsible for the Bachelor's program of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry and the Master's program of Chemical Engineering.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides requested and unrequested advice to the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, aimed to allign the contents of the educational programs with the requirements of the functional practice.