Lopende promotie projecten

Lopende promotie projecten

Beemer, HannekeStudent teachers in primary education using videos from their own lessons for learning mathematics teaching
Bouchée, TimDesigning a digital learning environment for learning and teaching quantum mechanics at upper secondary school level
Dinther, van RianneDeveloping scientific literacy: online professional development of Chemistry teachers
Heldens, HenderijnTeacher educators’ collaborative learning in the context of educational innovation: professional networks and learning activities
Heijden, van der MoniqueTeachers as change agents
Li, Nan

Analysing the characteristics and outcomes of online in-service teacher training in China

Lok, LeandraThe effectiveness of using digital video in pre-service and in-service teacher training in Cambodia
Mackay, FarranSupporting teachers to foster mathematical reasoning discourse in the classroom
Ovbiagbonhia, RobertFostering student’s innovative capacity in undergraduate Building Technology Education (BTE)
Ping, Cui

Chinese and Dutch teacher educators’ professional development

Swinkels, MaartjeLearning to teach from a student learning perspective
Theelen, Hanneke

It’s all in the game: studying the role of simulations in teacher education to improve teachers’ interpersonal skills.

Vaessen, Bram

Effects of frequent in-between assessment on learning and teaching in higher education.

Vennix, Annemieke

Outreach and student motivation in the K-12 STEM field. Teachers’ roles and the connection between industry and school

Wildeman, Elly

Professional development of teachers in the technical domain: a content based approach in the lessons of senior secondary

vocational education teachers