J.P.M.G. (Jean-Paul) Linnartz - Expertises


  • D14310 - Telecommunicatietechniek
  • D16200 - Software, algoritmen, besturingssystemen
  • Draadloze communicatie



Jean-Paul LinnartzĀ is a Senior Director and Department Head at Philips Research in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and part time Professor at the radio communications group ECR at Eindhoven University of Technology. He authored many scientific papers about electronic watermarks and radio communications (OFDM, MC-CDMA, random access). He was a faculty member at the University of California at Berkeley and at Delft University of Technology. He received his ir. degree from Eindhoven University of Technology and his PhD for Delft University of Technology, both in The Netherlands.

TU/e Research Focus In the following projects, student positions are open. Body Sensor Networks we study secure, reliable and low-power methods to retrieve body sensor data. The Vitruvius project particularly addresses how multiple applications and services and share the same body sensor data, while preserving the privacy of the human. Further topics of interest are the efficient exchange of sensor data between nodes, including lossless compression of these signals and biometric verification based on body signals. Coded Light Coded Light Solid State Lighting using power LEDs rapidly enters the market. LED light sources can also be used to transmit information. Yet, our aim is not to compete with radio systems in a speed race for higher bit rates, but rather to simultaneously retrieve frequent (low-rate) control signals from a very large number of nodes. We study Code Division Multiple access schemes in wireless visible light networks with thousands of light sources. The aim is to automatically identify the individual contribution from many light sources in complex lighting installations, by measuring a CDMA codes embedded in the PWM used to adapt the light output of luminaries. The aim is to control the lighting system in an easy and user friendly manner.