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Liotta, prof.dr. A.
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Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Postbus 513
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Faculteit Electrical Engineering
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Electro-Optical Communication
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Hoogleraar (HGL)
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FLX 0.
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  • Data Science (network science)
  • Complex networks (swarm computing)
  • Networking (sensor networks)
  • Networking (simulation)
  • Networking (cognitive networks)
  • Multimedia (user's quality of experience)
  • Multimedia (cognitive streaming)
  • Telecommunications (network management)
  • Telecommunications (service management)
  • Telecommunications (software-defined networks)
  • Data Science (urban informatics)
  • Data Science (smart sensing)
  • Complex networks (autonomic computing)
  • Data science (machine learning)
  • Intelligent systems (smart city)
  • Intelligent systems (Internet of Things)
  • Intelligent systems (smart Grid)
  • Intelligent systems (smart lighting)
  • Intelligent systems (Cyber-Physical Systems)
  • Complex networks (learning networks)
  • Telecommunications (future Internet)
  • Networking (mobile)
  • Multimedia (P2P IPTV)
  • Networking (energy efficiency)
  • Networking (spectrum efficiency)
  • Data science (big IoT data)



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Academic appointments: Full Professor (tenure, 2008), Communication Network Protocols. Founding Chair, Smart Networks group.  Co-founding Chair, Data Science Center. Scientific board member, Institute for Research in ICT. Contributing Chair to: the Center for Wireless Technology, the Netherlands Institute for Research on ICT, and the Eindhoven Intelligent Lighting Institute. Visiting Professor, University of Derby, UK (since 2012). 

Industry advisory appointments: Scientific Advisor of Fractal Networx and SmartDutch.

Editorial appointments: Editor-in-Chief, Internet of Things: Technology, Communications and Computing (Springer); Associate Editor, Journal of Network and System Management (Springer); Associate Editor, International Journal of Network Management (Wiley); Editorial Board member of JNCAJMMIJMCSIJDMBIJDSNCS&EIJ.

Earlier academic appointments: Lecturer, Network & Service Management (University of Surrey, UK, 2000-2004); Associate Professor, Pervasive Networks & Services (University of Essex, UK, 2005-2008). Part-time Professor, Communication Network Protocols, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Eindhoven University of Technology (2008-2013). Contributing Chair to the Center for Dependable ICT Systems (2009-2014).

Education: MSc Electronic and Computer Engineering (Univ. Pavia, Italy); MSc ICT cum laude (Politecnico Milano, Italy); PhD Computer Science (University College London, UK).

Memerships: Fellow HEA; Fellow IARIA; Senior Member IEEE; Senior Member CNI; Member KIVI. IEEE Technical Committees: co-founding member of Interactive and Wearable Computing and Devices and Environmental Informatics and Sensor Networks; member of Big Data; Internet of Things; Smart Cities; Smart Grid; Green ICT; Software Defined Networks; QoE for Multimedia Communications; Rebooting Computing; Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design


Prof. Liotta and his team explore network and data science in the context of complex communications and smart sensing, particularly Data Mining and the Internet of Things. He studies new network concepts that will allow us to tackle the IoT data deluge as a distributed data-mining problem, bringing future internet research efforts alongside data science. His group has pioneered the concept of learning networks, which has the potential to reshape the networks of the future. His work on smart networks has been featured in IEEE Spectrum (The cognitive Net is coming, 2013) and has recently reached an important milestone with the demonstration of miniature machine learning processes within sensors having as little as 10Kbytes of memory. In 2015 he received the valorization award by the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Press and interview articles

Radio InterviewInternet of Things: challenges, opportunities and the implication for STEM and higher education, interview on Australian radio, The Digital Dialogue program, October 2015 (PODCAST).

Learning chips solve problems of the Internet revolution, De Ingenieur Magazine, 2016. (original in Dutch: Zelflerende chips lossen problem of Internetrevolutie. FULL ARTICLE [subscribers onlyOPEN ACCESS [shorter version]).

How the Internet of Things will not become an upredictable mess, Slash Magazine, September 2015 (FULL ARTICLE).

The cognitive Net is coming, IEEE Spectrum, 2013 (PDF [subscribers only] OPEN ACCESS [shorter version]).

All of YouTube through a 40-year-old funnel (original title in Dutch: Heel YouTube door een 40 jaar oud trechtertje), De Volkskrant daily newspaper, 11 June 2011 (English translation: PDF).

The Internet needs to be smarter to handle explosive growthCursor Magazine, 9 June 2011. (HTML).

Southern European Universities Deflated: The trek to Northern Europe, Transfer magazine, July 2012 (original title: Zuid-europese universiteiten lopen leeg: De trek naar Noord-Europa) (PDF [in Dutch]).

The meter becomes a network node with SmartDutch, Bits&Chips magazine, 28 March 2012 (original title: Meterkast wordt netwerknode met Smart Dutch). (PDF [in Dutch]).

Pour être plus intelligents, les réseaux devraient s'inspirer de la nature (in French), L'atelier online magazine,  6 July 2011 (HTML).

Internet precisa imitar natureza para acompanhar super crescimento (in Portuguese), Inovacao Tecnologica online magazine, 17 June 2011 (HTML).

De toekomst schreeuwt om een nieuw internet (in Dutch), Bright Magazine, 15 June 2011 (HTML).


 Internet of Things P2P Handbook (liotta et al.)

Current Projects

Funded by the European Commission

EU ICT-30 INTER-IoT, Interoperability of Heterogeneous IoT Platforms

EU FET PHOENIX, Exploring the Unknown through Reincarnation and Co-evolution


EU ERC BROWSE, Beam-steered Reconfigurable Optical-Wireless System for Energy-efficient communication

COST Action 3D-ConTourNet, 3D Content Creation, Coding and Transmission over Future Media Networks

ARTEMIS DEMANES, Design, Monitoring and Operation of Adaptive Embedded Systems

EIT ICT RICH, Reliable IP for time synchronized Channel Hopping networks

Funded by Industry

NXP, Dependable Wireless Sensor Networks

INCAS3, Anomaly detection in networked embedded sensor systems

SIGINT, User localization based on smart fingerprinting