Within the EPE-group several courses are taught (see tables below). The EPE group offers two specialization paths in the Master Electrical Engineering:

  • High-Performance Motion (5SWC0 and 5SWB0)
  • High Efficiency Energy Conversion (5SWA0 and 5SWB0)

Bachelor Courses
ElectromechanicsPower ElectronicsProjects
Electromechanics (5EWA0)Power electronics (5APA0)Energy challenge (5XIA0)
Electric drive systems (5XWB0)Wireless charging (5XWF0)
Bachelor end project (5XEC0/5XED0)
Master Courses
ElectromechanicsPower ElectronicsProjects

Design of electrical machines


Design and realization of power converters (5SWB0)Internship
FEM for electromagnetic devices (5LWF0)Low-power electronics (5LWD0)Graduation project

Advanced actuator design


Special topics in power electronics (5LWB0)

Control of rotating-field machines (5LWE0)

Power Electronics for High-Precision Applications (5LWG0)
Linear and planar motors for high-precision systems (5SWC0)