Smart Mobility

Involved People
Esin IlhanPhD student
dr. ir. J.J.H. PaulidesCo-promotor
Prof. dr. E.A. Lomonova, M.Sc.First promotor

Parallel Flux Switching Machines

This project aims to carry out a fundamental investigation on the development of parallel flux switching machines. The first ideas regarding these machines were conceived by Rauch and Johnson back in 1955. With the bipolar changes in the flux linkage and a 4-quadrant operation, these machines are next generation motors for high power density electrical drives. Application areas of these machines vary from high dynamic servo drives, high-tech automotive sector to energy sector.

Two main research topics are selected being rotary and linear parallel flux switching machines. Both research directions specialize in their own path from the design rules to design tools brought up to light, from that both industry and research environments are going to benefit.