GaussMount II

Involved People
Dave van CasterenPhD student
dr. ir. J.J.H. PaulidesCo-promotor
Prof. dr. E.A. Lomonova, M.Sc.First promotor

Today’s ever progressing technological developments cause that a continuously increasing number of applications require a platform or table which is extremely well isolated from external vibrations. Such demands are increasing in laboratories (high accuracy mechanical and optical experiments), in industry (high accuracy manufacturing) and consumer products (portable CD/DVD-players, cars). They need a stable environment in order to function at their peak of accuracy and precision. A well-designed isolation system provides the stable and vibration-free platform that is required.

In the Lithography industry vibration isolation is also of critical importance. In current lithographic systems three air-mounts suspend the so-called metrological frame (metro-frame), which supports relevant subsystems such as the heavy lens. Their function is to inertially fix the main-plate, hence, yields gravity compensation, low stiffness for floor vibrations arriving at the base-frame and a very high stiffness for disturbance forces arising inside the wafer-scanner, all in six DoF (Degrees of Freedom) for the full system.
With even higher requirements of future wafer-scanners, alternative suspension systems start coming into focus. During the research of J.L.G.  Janssen, a Gaussmount was designed. A Gaussmount is an electromagnetic device with inherent passive gravity compensation, is electrically adjustable, exhibits zero power equilibrium level, has integrated sensors and has at least two degrees of freedom to allow for stabilization and vibration rejection on the six rigid body DoF’s of the metro-frame.  During his research a prototype was developed. In this research this prototype will be improved by:

  • Improving the force density and the magnetic shielding of the magnetic gravity compensator by including iron parts,
  • A variable force level, such that the gaussmount is able to handle mass variations of isolated platform.