Highly dynamic linear motor

Involved People
Bart de BruynPhD student
Prof. dr. E.A. Lomonova, M.Sc.First promotor

This project investigates high force density linear motors, suitable for highly dynamic motion. Linear motors which achieve a high force density as well as a high position accuracy are required, for example, in photolithographic systems. An increase of force density of the currently applied linear motors by a factor 4-5 is desired to increase the throughput of these systems. In this project various concepts of linear motors are analyzed. Besides conventional technology, application of superconducting materials is investigated, which potentially allows a strong reduction in the required input power of the system.

There are three main goals within the project:

  • Design for high force density
  • Design and modeling for high positioning accuracy
  • Design and modeling of a superconducting linear actuator

Alternative concepts to conventional linear actuators are analyzed using analytical methods. These result in designs optimized for high force density and position-independent force production.

In superconducting materials, losses result from application of alternating currents or magnetic fields. Evaluation of these losses is required during the design of the superconducting linear actuator. Finite elements models are developed to predict the highly nonlinear behavior of superconducting tapes.