Involved People
Reyhan ZanisPhD student
dr. A. BorisavljevicCo-promotor
Prof. dr. E.A. Lomonova, M.Sc.First promotor


One of the main challenges in realizing biorobots is the design of their actuators which need to be compact and to have the mechanical compliance that allow robot-environment interactions. In this project, a novel concept for a robotic actuator based on a motor integrated with a magnetic gear is proposed; that will be applied in a robotic finger. The robotic finger is intended to be a part of an advanced robotic hand capable of playing advanced piano pieces such as Humoresque (by Dvorák).

Magnetic gear:
High efficiency, low noise and intrinsic mechanical compliance are among the features of magnetic gears which make them favorable for application in biorobots. At the EPE group, design methods and control of magnetic gears for such applications are investigated through electromagnetic modeling and analysis as well as experimental verification.

Robotic finger:
The envisaged robotic finger is designed to have static and dynamic characteristics that are sufficient to perform various manipulation tasks of a human finger. Each joint of the robotic finger is actuated remotely by the magnetic-geared actuator via a wire transmission.