Advanced Modeling for High-Efficiency Motor Design

Involved People
Ruud sprangersPhD student
dr. ir. J.J.H. PaulidesCo-promotor
Prof. dr. E.A. Lomonova, M.Sc.First promotor

Background & motivation

The market of low power electric motors for industrial and agricultural applications has been dominated by induction motors (IMs) for many years. Even today, the IM is still very popular due to its low production and maintenance cost, high reliability and line-starting capability. However, the demands on efficiency of the motor are increasing due to new efficiency standards, such as the (future) IEC efficiency class IE4. This project focuses on efficiency improvement for three phase electric motors ranging in power from 0.1 to 1.5 kW. Specifically, electric motors suitable for ventilation systems, schematically depicted in Fig. 1, are considered.

Goal of the project

The goal of the project is to investigate how to design electric motors for ventilation systems such that the following requirements are met:

  • High efficiency (IE4 standard or higher)
  • Same advantages as current IMs
  •  Speed control using standard IM drives possible

For more information about this project, please view the project poster or contact the involved PhD student.