Magneto-acoustic energy harvester

Involved People
Jing BaoPDeng student
dr. V. KlymkoCo-promotor
Prof. dr. E.A. Lomonova, M.Sc.First promotor

An energy harvester that utilizes the combination of acoustic wave and static magnetic field is designed. The device application is to wirelessly power various sensors inside machines that contain magnetic field. The harvester consists of a set of conductive coils printed on a thin flexible membrane. In the presence of a sound wave, the membrane is deformed by the sound pressure, which changes the magnetic flux through the coils, resulting in the induced voltage and current. The resonant frequency of the structure is the same as the frequency of the sound wave. The acoustic noise produced by the electric machines or a specifically introduced speaker can be used as a sound source. FEM models are created to evaluate the induced voltage and experiments will later conducted to verify the theory and simulation result.