Looking back on 40 Years of Photonic Integration

Farewell to Professor Meint Smit

Some quotes from the farewell speech of Professor Meint Smit:

“The complexity of photonic integrated circuits increased steadily and that brought me to the idea that we could expect a similar development in photonics as in electronics where Moore’s law predicted that every one and a half year the complexity of circuits doubles. In 1997 I predicted therefore that the complexity of photonic chips would also increase according to Moore’s law and that we would have 1000 components integrated on a chip around 2014, which indeed happened”.

“To engage a larger group of designers, we are working on a Handbook for Photonic IC-design. It’s planned to have around 28 chapters, more than 1000 pages. We have two chapters now, but there are of lot of people contributing so we hope to finish it in the coming two years. It will provide new designers with a much better training”.

“The market prospects for InP (Indium Phosphide) are very good. We see that the market for Si PICs (Silicon Photonic ICs) is much smaller, but rapidly growing. Interesting is that almost the whole world is looking at Si PICs and many people are not aware of the market size and the potential of Indium Phosphide. The Netherlands has a unique position because we have a strong focus on InP.

“This is not the end of the story. The happy end is that we will have Indium Phosphide circuits integrated on Silicon, so in the end they will come together”.