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ERC Vacancies

The Control Systems Group at the Electrical Engineering Department in Eindhoven University of Technology has the following vacancies in the scope of an ERC Advanced Research project on the topic of system identification in dynamic networks. The project will encompass four PhD students, three postdocs and additional staff members, and will be carried out within the Control System Group. It concerns the development of basic methods and tools for data‐ driven modelling in dynamic networks, including experiment design, topology and network identification, sensor and actuator location optimization, identification for distributed control, algorithm and software development, handling non‐synchronous sampling, communication channels as network links, and development of applications in high‐tech domains (e.g. smart grids, industrial processes).

Two PhD students in Data‐Driven Modeling in Dynamic Networks (4 years)

Two Postdoc researchers in Data‐Driven Modeling in Dynamic Networks (2 years)

For detailed information please send an e-mail and CV to Prof. Paul Van den Hof: