R. Wolters

PhD graduation date:  1999 March 23
PhD thesis title:  Bi-directional access on HFC CATV networks
Worked at:  Alcatel Telecom, Belgium; Palet Kabelcom Maastricht; Cisco, Copenhagen; ETSI, Sophia Antipolis, France
Presently working as: Patent Examiner European Patent Organisation, Munich, Germany

E.C. Mos

PhD graduation date:  1999 September 7
PhD thesis title:  Optical neural network based on laser diode longitudinal modes
Presently working as Senior designer at ASML, Veldhoven

I. Tafur Monroy

PhD graduation date:  1999 September 9
PhD thesis title:  Performance evaluation of optical communication networks
Presently working as Assistant Professor at COM institute, University of Denmark
Group Leader of the Metro-Access  and Short Range Communication Sysytems, DTU Fotnik, Department of Photonics Engineering

R.C.J. Smets

PhD graduation date:  1999 September 20
PhD thesis title:  All-optical time-domain demultiplexing and signal regeneration using 1300 nm semiconductor optical amplifiers 
Worked as:  Member of Technical Staff with Alcatel-Lucent, Bell Labs Europe
Presently working as: Innovator with TNO ICT

M.O. (Oskar) van Deventer

PhD graduation date:  1994 December 13
PhD thesis title:  Fundamentals of bidirectional transmission over a single optical fibre
Worked as:  Optical Networking specialist for KPN Research
Presently working as: Network & Service Control expert for TNO Information & Communication Technology

W.H.C. de Krom

PhD graduation date:  1992 May 12
PhD thesis title:  Optical coherent phase diversity systems
Worked as:  
Presently working as