MSc Graduation project 8x8 multi-casting switch

Assembly and characterization of an 8x8 multi-casting switch for future ROADMs networks

The relentless rise in internet traffic is leading to unsustainable complexity in network control. This is driving research into more distributed forms of switching and routing. Photonic integration is enabling increasingly powerful switching and routing functionality, as shown by the recently demonstrated 8×8 wavelength and space selective switch [4]. Recent demonstrations of multi-path, multi-wavelength packet scheduling highlight the potential for highly reconfigurable networking with relatively simple control planes. A combination of semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) gate and multi input/output ports can provide on-chip integration of active elements and multi-casting functionality for future ROADMs networks.
A wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) chip has already been designed and fabricated and a connectivity of 8x8 has been designed by breaking a certain number of photonic integrated circuit design rules.

Assignment :

You will test and evaluate the performance of the photonic chip, understand the challenging. He will all build an automated way to evaluate the chip in term of photocurrents to deduce losses and gains. He will come up with an optimized design for compact and loss-less functionality.

Preferred skills:
- Stable and careful handling of fragile photonic integrated circuits
- Affinity with electronic ICs for control of electro-optic devices and with photonics
- Programming skills (C++, Matlab, …) for data acquisition

Contact person:
Patty Stabile (ECO):