MSc Graduation project Robust Two-Dimensional Pressure Sensing Mattress

Currently, people suffering from serious sleeping disorders like apnea are monitored using expensive camera equipment. Because this equipment cannot be placed at home, the patient has to spend one or more nights at a sleep clinic. To reduce costs and increase patients comfort, a robust two-dimensional sensor system based on optical coupling between polymer optical fibres is under development, which can easily can be placed under a mattress in a home environment.

In collaboration with Sleep Medicine Centre Kempenhaeghe, Heeze, and 2M Engineering – Health and Industrial Sensor Solutions, Valkenswaard,,

Internships and Master Final Projects are available on the development of LabView software for real time data acquisition and control, design and realising optoelectronic circuits and robust pressure sensitive polymer optical fibre crossings.

For more information, please contact :

Henrie van den Boom, Flux 9.089, Phone: 040 2473444, email:
Electro-Optical Communication Systems group