To make major contributions to Indium-Phosphide semiconductor based Photonic Integration Technology and its applications.

Photonic Integration Group (PhI)

Photonics is a rapidly growing field with a total market volume that is comparable to the market of electronics, but growing faster. Whereas micro and nanophotonic integration are dominant technologies in the field of electronics, photonic integration is still in its infancy, but rapidly growing. Important developments are:

  • The introduction of generic integration technologies i.e. technologies that support integration of a broad range of functionalities from a small set of basic components, similar to CMOS technology in electronics.
  • The development of photonic ICs on top of electronic ICs (silicon photonics).
  • The development of plasmonic nanolasers; ultrasmall and ultrafast lasers that can switch with ultralow power and that allow for Very Large Scale Photonic Integration.

PhI is involved in a number of national and international research projects and plays a leading role in these three fields. PhI research offers ample opportunities for Master and PhD students to do research on advanced photonic ICs or technology and to get a job in a variety of smaller or larger high-tech companies that use Photonic ICs in their products or start your own business.

Chairman: prof.dr. K.A. Williams