Graduate School

The following courses from the Master program are advised for students wo would like to do a master thesis projects in the PHI group. There are core courses (15 ECTS in total), Specialisation courses (10 ECTS in total) and Electives (30 ECTS in total). The courses indicated as Electives in the list below are suggestions from the possibilities within EE. These can be changed to match a specific Master’s thesis subject.

1st Quarter – Core courses

Core courses required as background for graduation projects in PhI group:

  • Semiconductor Physics and Materials (5CCA0) 5 ECTS
    Contact person: Eugenio Cantatore

  • Computational Physics (5CPA0) 5 ECTS
    Contact person: Martijn van Beurden

  • Classical and Modern Physics (5CHA0) 5 ECTS
    Contact person: dr. Erwin Bente

Elective courses:

  • Seminar: optical interconnection networks (5LAH0) 2.5 ECTS
    Contact person: prof. dr. K.A. Williams

  • Modelling dynamics (5CSA0) 5ECTS
    Contact person: prof. dr. S Weiland

  • Fundamental Aspects  of Random Signals (5CRA0)
    (Note for 2017-2018 only: this course is replaced by “Signal Analysis and Estimation” (5XSB0
    ), contact person P. Sommen)

2nd Quarter

Specialisation Path Course PHI:

  • Photonic IC Design (5SHA0) 5 ECTS
    Contact person: Dr Xaveer Leijtens

Elective courses:

  • RF transceivers 1: fundamentals (5SFB0) 5 ECTS
    Contact person: dr. D. Milosevic 

3rd Quarter

Specialisation Path Course PHI:

  • Photonic Integration Technology and Characterization (5SHB0) 5 ECTS
  • Contact person: dr. Huub Ambrosius

Elective courses:

  • Optical fibre communication technology (5STA0) 5 ECTS
    Contact person: dr Nicola Calabretta

  • Microwave engineering and antennas (5SPB0) 5ECTS
    Contact person: A.B. Smolders

  • RF transceivers 2: design (5SFE0) 5 ECTS
    Contact person: P.G.M. Baltus

4th Quarter

Elective courses:

  • Optical fibre communications systems and networks (5STB0) 5 ECTS
    Contact person: A.M.J. Koonen

  •  Terahertz systems (5LFB0) 5 ECTS
    Contact person: dr. M. Matters Kammerer

  • Systems on silicon (5LID0) 5ECTS
    Contact person: prof.dr. J. Pineda de Gyvez