Join us: develop ultraprecise, ultrafast sensors for lithography

Are you a MSc student in (Applied) Physics or Electrical Engineering looking for a challenging, application driven graduation or PhD project? Do you want to work on a multidisciplinary assignment, together with industry, combining frontier science in integrated photonics with meeting practical conditions? And do you want to work in an academic group that is leading  in photonic integration? Then we are looking for you!

Within the group Photonic Integration of the Electrical Engineering department of Eindhoven University of Technology, we are internationally leading experts in developing and utilising generic integration processes.  We realise a wide variety of optical chips from a small set of elementary optical building blocks, such as basic building blocks for manipulating the phase, the amplitude and the polarisation of optical signals. With our NanoLabNL facilities and our partnerships with companies like Smart Photonics, we are not only able to design these chips, but also to actually produce, characterise, and test them, and to analyse their performance.

Multidisciplinary, application driven project

Currently, we are engaging in a research project together with ASML called “Advanced piezo-electric wafer stage for next generation lithography and metrology applications”. ASML’s lithography machines, used to write patterns with nanometer precision onto silicon wafers in order to make computer chips, the positioning of the silicon wafer is crucial for the ultimate performance of the chip. In this project, four PhD students and a number of MSc students from different departments will demonstrate the feasibility of an advanced moving stage for holding silicon wafers in which light-weight and compact piezo-electric actuators are used. To enable the use of such actuators, new highly miniaturized and highly accurate optical position and strain sensors are required.

Push the frontiers of knowledge and develop an actual device

The PhD student and MSc students we are looking for in our group will realize and demonstrate such new laser based photonic sensors using photonic integration technology. These optical sensors need to be much smaller than current sensors, and need to be able to measure positions in real time with a subnanometer  precision. That is a major engineering challenge, which asks for students who are motivated by exploring the frontiers of knowledge, the chance to develop radically new technology, and the outlook to work on a device which is ultimately going to be implemented in ASML’s next generation wafersteppers.

Are you interested? Please contact dr. Erwin Bente ( or prof. dr. Kevin Williams ( for more information about the project and any informal enquiries. The vacancy for the PhD position can be found here: