IMOS: Indium-phosphide Membrane on Silicon

We gratefully acknowledge support by the ERC Advanced Grant "NOLIMITS".

The combination of high performance III-V lasers and components with Silicon circuits has received considerable attention, spawning the research field of Silicon Photonics. Our vision for the future direction of this research sees photonic and electronic circuits which are increasingly integrated as performance requirements increase. To ensure the highest bandwidths and the best sensitivities, and energy consumption, we see a direct transition to photonic membrane technologies and the introduction of nanophotonic integration processes on top of electronic ICs. We are pioneering the attachment of thin, high-index membranes with photonic ICs bonded directly on top of Silicon and CMOS wafers. This presents an excellent route to photonic miniaturisation and the shortening of lossy electrical connections.

Our IMOS approach which is in essence a back-end processing step applying Indium Phosphide Membranes on Silicon – offers a route to using the best materials for the key photonic functions for gain, phase and polarization manipulation within one photonic plane. This monolithic solution is already proven to ensure low reflection components, and thus the capability to achieve large-scale reproducible circuits. We realise both active and passive functions in a thin InP Membrane On Silicon (IMOS). We demonstrated a number of high quality passive devices in this technology and we are making sustained progress with our active components. We have started a novel program on electrically injected Photonic Crystal lasers and membrane-based optical amplifiers for integration with other nanophotonic circuitry in thin (200 nm) InP-Membranes on Silicon (IMOS). One of the new passive devices realized is a polarization converter, which showed record performance (>99% conversion with <1 dB loss) and is the shortest membrane-based polarization converter reported so far. Low-loss photonic wires (3 dB/cm), high quality ring resonators (Q>10000) and low insertion loss couplers have also been achieved. Mach-Zehnder interferometers and various resonator structures have been realized, with good performances. Also, in cooperation with ICFO in Barcelona we have demonstrated opto-optical switching in ring resonators with “Phase Change Materials” (PCMs). Our future roadmap envisages the addition of this component set to Electronic ICs to reduce packaging complexity, and ultimately for chip-level communications.

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